From the Pastor:


Lent is my favorite season of the liturgical year.  It is really like a forty-day retreat.  All of the Lenten activities, even Friday Fish Fries, contribute to the spirit of Lent.  (By the way, I went to the Ash Wednesday fish fry that the Trinitarian Sisters had at Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine on Chardon Road in Euclid and it was really good.  I would recommend the sautéed shrimp in addition to the baked fish dinners.)  Traditions like Stations of the Cross, special times for Confession, daily Mass, Tridentine Mass on Friday evening, Rice boxes (available at the church exits), Deacon Paul’s Lenten program and offerings in other parishes in our area are all great ways to be immersed into the prayer and penance of Lent.  Don’t forget the annual Wednesday night of Confession for our Diocese will take place next week on Wednesday March 20th.  You can go to any parish in or diocese between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm to take part in the Sacrament of Penance.

            There are also lots of things online that are available for everyone to use during Lent.  Register for our free parish subscription to and you will have something for everyone in the family from preschoolers to great-grandparents.  You can access from our website or follow the instructions in our bulletin for registering for   There are two specific programs you can use this Lent.  One is “Into the desert”, which is a six-part series on Prayer.  Each video session is about thirty minutes long.  It is excellently done and you will be sure to grow in your knowledge and practice of prayer. 

            The other program you can sign up for through is “Lenten Reflections”.  This program allows you to sign up for a video email every day of Lent and provides you with a three-minute video along with a Scripture passage for reflection and a short prayer.  This program is done by the esteemed Scripture expert, Dr. Tim Gray.  Whatever you do, I pray that you have a blessed Lent.

            Fr Troha