From the Pastor:



The intention of the Holy Father for the month of July is:  The Integrity of Justice.  That those who administer justice may work with integrity, and that the injustice which prevails in the world may not have the last word.  Remember to pray for Pope Francis in your daily prayers.

             Oktoberfest in July takes place this weekend.  This year marks our 40th Oktoberfest; the first one took place in October and the rest in July.  The first one was a flop due to horrible weather.  So the parishioners who began the Oktoberfest decided to move it to the summer time and call it Oktoberfest in July.  This is the oral tradition of the origins of the Oktoberfest as handed on to me by various parishioners. 

            I am glad that the Oktoberfest takes place in July.  There is an enormous amount of work and preparation to put on a festival of this size.  The core committee of 30 or so people began preparing for this coming weekend as soon as the previous Oktoberfest concluded last year.  The whole parish owes a large debt of gratitude to all of those on the Oktoberfest Committee for the work that they put into it.  There would be no Oktoberfest if not for the over 300 volunteers from our parish and elsewhere who give of their time to this annual celebration.  Thank you to all of our volunteers!  I myself will be working the funnel cake booth this weekend.

           So come to our Oktoberfest this Friday and Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon and evening.

           Fr Troha