From the Pastor:

What a great way to celebrate Grandparent’s Day than by having a parish picnic as we are doing this Sunday afternoon.  I don’t think that Grandparents’ Day is anywhere near being a big holiday to celebrate, but I don’t really know.  I was at a parish in Kansas City recently to give a retreat and I noticed that they are having their parish picnic this Sunday afternoon as well, but they use the picnic as an opportunity for everyone to bring someone to the picnic with them who is not a parishioner or not even Catholic.  One thing I also noticed about the Kansas City parish is that they are fierce and loyal Kansas City Chiefs fans and so they have to plan parish events on Sunday around the Chiefs’ schedule.  I don’t know what the Browns’ schedule is for this Sunday, but I don’t really care because I stopped following professional football about ten years ago and now I just follow college football. But now that professional football seems to have returned to the Ohio shores of Lake Erie, I might give pro football a second chance.  Please do come to the free picnic this Sunday afternoon.  There will be plenty to eat and drink, along with games for the kids. 

      Next Sunday the Willoughby 5k race takes place in the morning.  Evidently the race course is in this part of town.  Please take a look at the announcement in the bulletin about the race regarding which streets will be closed off next Sunday morning.

     Our annual Stewardship Renewal will begin in just three weeks.  The Renewal will continue into the first two weekends of October.  I believe that our new parish logo will be part of the stewardship materials that you will receive in the mail.  I hope you will like our new logo that we will soon be incorporating into our weekly parish bulletin, monthly newsletter, stewardship materials and stationery.

     Fr Troha