From the Pastor:


            Unless you are very perceptive about your surroundings, and pay attention to details, you probably did not notice that some things were removed from our parish property recently.  There was a rusty old pole to the right as you come in the parish parking lot off of Euclid Avenue, which was removed.  The pole was rather unsightly.  There used to be a sign on it that said something like ‘no passing through”.  That sign fell off a long time ago.  There was a pole that had been used as one end of a laundry line in the area behind the house alongside the parking lot entrance.  That pole was removed as well.  For those of you who do not know what a laundry line is, it was a clothes line that was strung up in your backyard on which you hung your laundry to dry.  This was in the day when automatic dryers were either not invented yet or not in wide use.  In northeast Ohio you went several months without be able to dry your laundry outside.  If I remember correctly, I think the laundry was hung up in the basement to dry in the winter time.

            That area just to the right as you enter the parking lot off of Euclid Avenue leaves me with the fond memory of sunflowers.  One summer several years ago Marietta Hrach gave me several sunflower seeds that she had left over from her sunflowers from the previous summer.  I had been living in the parish house on Euclid Avenue alongside the parking lot entrance and so I planted the seeds alongside that area.  Originally there were five plants that began to grow.  The deer kept eating the leaves off of all of the plants and left me with two that continued to grow.  The one closest to Euclid Avenue grew to a height of 14 feet.  I had Fr. Hollis stand on a ladder and with a tape measure and we measured the height.  I think it was a combination of a secret ingredient that I used for fertilizer along with the right amount of pollution from all the traffic on Euclid Avenue that helped that plant to grow so tall.

            Good stewardship of our parish grounds is a good thing to do in itself.  It is also a good way to ensure a welcoming atmosphere for everyone who comes to our parish.

         Fr Troha