From the Pastor


April 30

Imagine this: You are sitting in your car and suddenly two cars crash into each other right in front of you. You saw things; you heard things; you even “felt” the vibration of the crash. Two people emerge from their vehicles and assess the damage. Following the assessment, the police come; however, who can say with absolute certainty what happened? The eyes all suddenly turn to you. You are the sole witness of what occurred!

My brothers and sisters this weekend Peter is telling the Jewish people, leaders, and all the people in the village that he along with the eleven are the official witnesses of the Lord’s death and resurrection (cf. Acts 2:32) Yet, Peter denied Jesus and the others fled … what kind of witnesses could they be? The reality is that they are true witnesses because they are saying, without any fear what they saw, what they have observed, and what they have experienced. My friends during the Easter Season we are reminded that we are called to be witnesses to the Gospel. In the same way, we are called to be authentic disciples; we are called to be true witnesses of the Lord’s death and resurrection. However, many times fear, frustration, or anxiety keeps us from saying what we believe. This week I ask us to pray to the Holy Spirit to ensure that we continue to be the authentic witnesses Jesus needs us to be and, through the Holy Spirit, may we be authentic and truthful to the message that has been entrusted to us. 

Please pray for our First Communicants who are on retreat today— their annual Jesus Day! Jesus Day gives our communicants an opportunity to prepare for the day when they will share in the Banquet of Christ—the Holy Eucharist.

Bishop Thomas will ordain four men as Permanent Deacons on Saturday, May 6 at the Cathedral. These men will assist the Bishop and Pastors of the Church. A deacon can be married or remain single and celibate. After his ordination, he may assist during Mass at the altar; he can officiate at baptisms, weddings and funerals outside of Mass; and, he is to foster opportunities for charity and teaching. As we pray for our newest Permanent Deacons, let us remember to pray for our own Deacon Paul who, on May 23 will celebrate 19 years of Ordination! We offer up prayers of congratulations and thanksgiving for him!

May the Lord Bless You and Keep You,

Fr. Kalista