From the Pastor

March 26, 2017 4th Sunday in Lent.                             



Have you ever heard of the charismatic movement? If you have not, this “movement” was popularized in the early 70’s in the United States. The charismatic movement reminds people that it is through the power of the Holy Spirit that disciples of the Lord are renewed as they recommit their lives to Jesus Christ. Now, one may ask, “why bring this up today?” The reason is because in the last sentence of our first reading we hear how the Holy Spirit “descended upon David.” Why is this important? The reason is because of what the Holy Spirit can enable us to do. Let me review with you what the Holy Spirit can do for us when we submit ourselves to Him. The Holy Spirit ensures that we will be guided by the Truth. (cf. John 14:17) The Holy Spirit ensures that we be able to speak the Truth. (cf. John 16:5-15) The Holy Spirit ensures that we will be praying as best we can. (cf. Romans 8:26) The Holy Spirit ensures that each and every one of us is producing good fruit. (cf. Galatians 5:22-23) As you can see the Holy Spirit can and does do much for us, but the one thing that we all need to remember is that we need to be open to His presence in our lives. Today, as we enter this new week pray that the Holy Spirit will descend upon us and lead us ever closer to a deeper knowledge and love of Christ. Following the 8:30 am Mass this weekend “Between the Masses” continues. I am grateful for all of the parishioners who have participated in this program. Thus far we have been learning about each other and, more importantly, how God is working in our lives. If you have not yet come – please join us this weekend. Tonight we begin our Parish Mission. We will have the opportunity to listen to Deacon Galla as he expounds on the role of St. Joseph in our lives. The full schedule of the Mission can be found in the bulletin. I hope that everyone can make our parish mission an opportunity to grow deeper in the Lord.


May the Lord Bless You and Keep You,


Fr. Kalista