From the Pastor


 “No one can serve two masters. He will either hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.” (Matthew 6:24) This weekend is our last weekend in Ordinary Time and, beginning on Wednesday we enter into the season of Lent. Often times people cringe during the season of Lent because we think of all the things that we have to “give up;” however, have we ever thought of the things that we actually gain when we give up things for the Lord? To list all the benefits of what we gain when we give all to the Lord is an endless list, but for our purposes today I am going to ask us all to give up something that we find important and begin to center ourselves more and more on God because He is the most important thing in our lives! Here is my practical guide on what to “give up” this Lenten Season; and, please remember that we always gain more than we ever give up.


The snooze alarm. This simple invention has caused more lateness than anything else, so, what do I suggest to combat the allure of the snooze alarm? Discipline. I ask that you discipline yourselves this season of Lent and recognize that getting to bed earlier is a sacrifice at the time but the end result is well worth it.


Complaining. Now, if there is something that I find myself doing quite often it is this very thing—complaining. Yet, what do I have to complain about? I can hear, see, taste, touch, and many other wonderful things as well. When we begin to appreciate the gifts that the Lord has given to us we begin to realize that there is no room in us to complain; rather, we simply rejoice in the beauty of what God has bestowed on us His beloved children. During Lent and beyond may we continue to “Rejoice in the Lord!” (cf. Philippians 4:4)


One final thing that we can give up this Lenten season is excuses. Please stop making excuses of why this habit will be too hard. My friends, when we commit ourselves to the Lord excuses are non-existent. He walks by our side and helps us through the difficulties of life. May we be focused on the Lord Jesus Christ this week and, especially as we prepare for the season of Lent.


May the Lord Bless You and Keep You,

Fr. Kalista