From the Pastor:

February 25

One of the most remarkable events in the Bible, next to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, is the transfiguration of Jesus. As our Lord was transfigured, His disciples witnessed His glorified body and, Peter, not knowing what to say simply stated, “Let’s stay here forever!”

 I imagine that, throughout our lives we, too, have had times of being “transfigured” by Jesus. Maybe this was our wedding day, during or after a retreat, or possibly because of an intense time of prayer. At these special times, we might have said, “Lord, if only this event could last forever!” Yet, we all know that these grace-filled moments are replaced by the busyness and cares of our lives and of our world.


Yet we know that within the busyness, Christ calls and we must find ways to respond to His call – even though it is not always easy. So, in the midst of our busy and chaotic world, we need to seek opportunities to reconnect with Jesus.  How do we do this? May I suggest participating in the parish mission beginning tonight and continuing through Tuesday?

This parish mission is going to help us all follow Christ and surrender ourselves more to Him. Our mission priest this year is my classmate Fr. Damian Ference. I have known Fr. Damian since I was in the seminary and I know that you will appreciate his wisdom, enthusiasm, and desire to bring you and the whole parish closer to Christ. I hope all of you will join us. As Catholics, we profess to seek God, but often we find excuses when opportunities like our mission are offered. As you look at your calendars, I ask you to simply consider one question: If not now—when? If I do not make time now for God—then, when will I?


I mentioned to you already that Wednesday, February 28 is going to be the Diocesan Night of Confession. This evening is being sponsored by the Diocese of Cleveland and is intended to encourage all parishioners to take advantage of the sacrament of confession. Every parish will be offering confessions from 5:00-8:00 pm on Wednesday, February 28. Due to the outpouring of people we have had in the past, Immaculate Conception is going to also offer an afternoon time for confessions from 1:00-3:00. Please join us for confession and experience the mercy and forgiveness of God.

 May the Lord Bless You and Keep You,

Fr. Kalista


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From Fr. Kalista

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Marriages of Grace March 3, 2018


Enjoy a date with your spouse at Marriages of Grace's annual Marriage

Enrichment! Join us at the DoubleTree in Independence on Saturday, March

3rd with other Catholic couples for a day of talks, breakout sessions, Mass,

confession, and a candlelight dinner. Join guest speakers, Brooke Taylor her

husband Jim and Fr. Patrick Schultz as they explore the theme: Pursuing Your

Spouse in Marriage: A Labor of Love. Marriages of Grace looks forward to

welcoming you to this event and an opportunity to enrich and strengthen your

marriage. To register visit or call 440-570-1523 for more



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